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(ChangeLog is not always up to date, he is update from time to time)

Version 7.2.5
Since 1.6.0: it does not contains all changes, but the more significant

+ = Add, - = Remove, # = Fix, * = Improve/Edit/Update

* Improve memory and cpu usage.
* WRobot security.
# Fix lua memory leak (in wow process) (this fix wow crash in old wow versions, and now WRobot don't need to /reloadui).
#* Improve pathfinder, fix bugs (this resolve wrobot crash), add wow gameobjects to the meshes, pathfinder avoid zone blacklisted.
+ Add option "To tray bar when minimized".
* DB2 reader.
# Try to fix problem of WRobot UI when you change your Windows display scaling.
+ WowUnit > Add dead detection by buff like http://www.wowhead.com/spell=29266/permanent-feign-death.
#* Regen.
* Sky Golem usage.
# Fix Think we are stuck during combat.
- TeamViewer messagebox when you start wrobot.
# Fix security option "pause bot if player nearby" pauses in combat and Bot died while player nearby and paused, won't unpause.
+ Not buy food/drink if bag full.
+ Wow addons list to log.
+ WRobot alert if you use wow in fullscreen or blizz stream feature.
+ Farming > Improve this task.
* C# compiler performance.
+ OffMeshConnections > Add UI https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/5283-offmesh-connections/ .
* MovementManager.
+ Elevator support (Ogrimmar, Thunder Bluff....).
# Problem to detect target.
+ NpcScan > Now you can select NPC by type to add automatically at you NPCDB.
+ Party > Now detect when pet of group members is in combat.
+ Party > Add option "Harvest nodes" and "Put current target name"
+ Fightclasses editor > Add option "Not spell, is C# code".
+ Fightclasses editor > Add conditions "(Pet)(Target)Confused", "(Pet)(Target)Pacified", "TargetInCombatRange".
+ Fightclasses editor > Add setting "Add to settings - Option name".
# Fightclasses editor > Fix condition "(...)Stunned ".
+ Development Tools > Add tools "Bag items list", "Player/Target Buff/Debuff", "Get SpellBook".
+ Aura > Add AuraFlag, AuraCasterLevel, AuraMask.
+ Gatherer > Add option "Skip the node if a player is close.".
+ Fisher > Add oversized bobber support.
+ Auction > Add option "Buy items only if have more than X".
# Repair > Fix problem to check durability when you use without durability.
# Fight > Now skip fight if attacked by anothers mob before to reach target.
* Fight > Auto attack.
# Fight > Try to fix problem when WRobot move during cast.
# Fight > Problem when WRobot change of target when mob runs away because it has little health.
* Resurrect > Found best position.
+ Plugins/Fightclasses > Now WRobot load files without locking them.
+ Map > Increment min/max zoom.
+ Option "Dismount when stuck".
+ Option "Ignore fight with players".
# Detection when attacked by players.
+ Relogger > Add task type "ChangeWowPath" and "ChangeWRobotPath".
+ Relogger > Add option "To tray bar when minimized".
+ Relogger > Add settings "Additional WRobot args:" and "Lock relogger when launch Wow or WRobot (to launch one by one):".
# Relogger > Now you can change settings when profile(s) is running.
# Relogger > Fix problem with pet battle product.
# Relogger > Fix problem when wrobot cannot load settings.
# Relogger > Close wow and wrobot after 120 secondes if cannot login.
* Relogger > Cpu usage.
+ Quester > Add step type "Reset", "IfHasNotQuest", "WhileHasNotQuest".
+ Quester > Add "Custem Script" https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/5272-new-script-node-in-quester-profiles/?do=findComment&comment=24318.
* Quester > Easy quest editor > Improve UI.
# Quester > Easy quest editor > Followpath step.
# Quester > UseItemOn > WaitIsCasting.
# Fisher > Fix player moving when fishing.
# Grinder/PetBattle > Add option "Randomizing Hotspots".
# Schedule > Fix problem loading plugins several times.
+ Editor > You can use shortcut "ctrl-s" to save.
+ Mail > Add securetransfer support.
+ Tab "Chat" > Now you can send message at channel by id.
+ Tab "Chat" > Add button "Clear".
+ API > Add param "bool skipWaitTime = false" > "Interact.InteractGameObject(uint baseAddress, bool stopMove = false, bool skipWaitTime = false)".
+ API > Add set at the property "WoWLocalPlayer.FocusGuid".
+ API > "Quest.GetLogQuestIsComplete" is now obsolete.
+ API > Add option "MaxFPS" in wManagerGlobalSetting.
+ API > Add "wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.WoWAreaTrigger".
+ API > Add events system (in "wManager.Events...", "robotManager.Events...").
+ API > Lua > You can now return multi value like: var r = Lua.LuaDoString>("UnitAura('player', 1");
+ API > EventsLuaWithArgs (wManager.Wow.Helpers.EventsLua)
+ API > Manager.wManagerSetting.FlyAboveGroundHeight
+ API > wManager.Wow.Helpers.NpcDB.AcceptOnlyProfileNpc
+ API > wManager.wManagerGlobalSetting.MaxLuaMemoryUsage
* API > GetItemSpell (this can resolve some fishing lure and regen problems)

Private server:
+ Wow Vanilla support (1.12.1 5875).
+ For Legion private servers, you can now run old WRobot versions with "WRobot for private servers subscription" and test them for free with "trial" license key: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/2018-wrobot-old-versions/ .
+ Add WRobot for Wow MoP (
+ Add WRobot for Wow WoD ( and (
+ WRobot for TBC support now quester.
# When WRobot close Wow when player dead (because he detect player teleported).

Old ChangeLog

Version 1.6.0
Since 1.5.8: it does not contains all changes, but the more significant

+ = Add, - = Remove, # = Fix, * = Improve/Edit/Update

+ Wow Legion support.
# Settings > Fix problem to save when character name have only special chars.
# Settings > Fix crash problem when robotManagerGlobalSetting is corrupted.
# Regen > Skip if in water.
# Regen > Try to fix problem when don't stop to drink/eat.
- Remove "UrlProtocol" http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/15-how-to-make-an-link-used-by-packages-manager/ .
* In "Map" or "Radar 3D", change selected profile position color (in profile creator).
* Resurrect > Avoid hostile.
# Lua GUID.
+ API WoWObject.ToString() (add name, guid, type).
+ API WoWLocalPlayer.HasFocus.
+ API WoWLocalPlayer.FocusGuid.
+ API WoWLocalPlayer.FocusObj.
+ API wManager.Wow.Helpers.Conditions.ForceIgnoreIsAttacked (http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/2681-snippets-codes-for-quest-profiles/#comment-13088).
# API WoWLocalPlayer.CooldownTimeLeft(string spellName, bool isSpellNameInGame = false).
# Wow settings MaxFps.
# CastedBy > Now don't stop at the first (check all buff).
+ Relogger > Add "Running Time".
+ Mail > Add multi attachments picjup support.
+ NPC DB > Ignore npc if in blacklisted zone or if id/guid is blacklisted.

Private server:
+ Wow The Burning Crusade support (
# Cata > Fix loot.

Version 1.5.8
Since 1.5.5: it does not contains all changes, but the more significant

+ = Add, - = Remove, # = Fix, * = Improve/Edit/Update

* Update to Wow 6.2.4 21348.
+ Relogger program (you can found it in WRobot folder (Relogger.Exe)) http://wrobot.eu/articles/news/relogger-application-is-available-r98/ .
# Stop MovementManager when continent change.
# Correction spelling.
# Fix lua memory leak.
# Improve WRobot and Wow stability (to avoid crash).
# Fix error messages when your license key is not valid (now reason is say why).
# Update > Now you can install all versions of WRobot from the same Update.exe program: http://wrobot.eu/uploads/monthly_2016_03/Update_2016-03-03_17-17-08.png.9193af6c1f0c9af7fec49fe59709be29.png .
# Remove trial version for WRobot for official Wow server (trial version is available for WRobot for private server to test before buy).
# Fisher product settings UI.
# General settings UI.
# Before sell/send items, check if vendor/mailbox window is open (this resolve problems when character equipe bag items).
+ Fisher option "Wait time after loot".
+ Shortcut "WRobot No DX" (run WRobot without DirectX), "WRobot No Lock Frame" (not lock wow frame during injections) (useful if you get problem to run WRobot).
- Stop to use https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa730869(v=vs.80).aspx for general WRobot settings (this resolve crash problem for some users) (now use robotManager.Helpful.Settings).
+ Improves "Wow process" research ( .exe files name is not important).
+ Add check steps when WRobot try to get bag free slots (this resolve problem when character go to vendor without reason).
+ API wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.WoWUnit.Silenced (== wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.WoWUnit.Rooted).
+ API string wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemSpell(uint itemId) and string wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemSpell(string itemNameInGame).
+ Some blacklist zones (for pathfinder).
# Npc scan task > Fix Problem to fill CanFlyTo npc option.
# Fix position when unit/player is in transport (boats, ...).
# When character go to town (to sell or buy), repair equiped items if durability is lower than 99% (before 95%).
# BuffManager improve reactivity.
# Improve regen task (now use again food/drink if needed).
# Regen > Wait after fights than "InCombat" flag is removed.
# Try to detect if VC++ 2010 is not installed and alert you.

Private server:
+ Support of Wotlk (3.3.5a.12340).
# Dismount before farming all time.
# Quester.
# relogger task.
# GetComboPoints.
# IsDead false positive by moment.
# On some servers, npc is removed when dead and added again (corpse), now support it.
# Druid mounts forms usage.
# Now don't try to mount is swimming.
# Fix spelllist.
# Resolve stability lua problems on Cata and Wotlk (disabling "Lock frame").
# Auction bot.

Version 1.5.5
Since 1.5.3: it does not contains all changes, but the more significant

+ = Add, - = Remove, # = Fix, * = Improve/Edit/Update

* Update to Wow 6.2.3 20726.
+ Add build version number at all WRobot files (.dll and .exe).
+ Add option "Min free bag slots" (to town).
+ Option in general settings "Min free bag slots" (to go to vendor/repair/mailbox)
* Improves the use of flying mount when farm.
* Farming > Improve detection of combat after farm (if required or not).
+ Option "Skip nodes Indoors if Outdoors".
+ Option "Use Shortcuts".
* Option (don't )Harvest objects > Now you can use object name.
+ Option "Random jumping when move".
# API "WowUnit.Eclipse".
+ Tools tab > Add boutons: "Open Fight classes folder" and "Open Profiles folder".
# Wow freeze caused by FightClasses.
* Improve FightClasses and Easy quest editor (add split container).
# Pet Battler > when you are mounted, attacked and you try to start pet battle combat.
+ Battlegrounder > Add option "Ratio Ally/Enemy minimum to engage fight" (Put 1 if you agree to engage combat when there are at least as many ally than enemies in the zone, put 2 if you want to engage combat when there are at least 2 ally for 1 enemy, put 0.5 If you want to engage combat when there are at least 1 ally for 2 enemy, and... Put 0 to disable this option.).
+ Automaton > Add option "Objects at Harvest/Kill".
+ Fisher > Add option "Can walk on water".
# Fisher > Problem when attacked with druid form.
+ FightClasses editor > Add spell desciption in "Spells list".
+ Add Pet battle support.
+ Add Pet battle combat support.
+ Step type: "StepName".
* Step type: "GoToStep" > Accept string "StepName".
# problem when the quest use CanConditions and ReapetableQuest settings.
+ option "Disable game option 'Click to move' with WRotation.".
+ Now you can change target (or clear current target to stop fight) (in "manage movement" mode).

Version 1.5.3
Since 1.5.1: it does not contains all changes, but the more significant

+ = Add, - = Remove, # = Fix, * = Improve/Edit/Update

* Update to Wow 6.2.2 20444.
+ Draenor flight support.
+ Add "Download Contents" to download WRobot profiles, fightclasses of the website from WRobot.
* Website has changed of name, address and has been updated (now it is http://wrobot.eu/ instead of http://mmorobot.com/) (a lot of fixes due to this change in WRobot and on the website).
+ option in general settings "Min free bag slots" (to go to vendor/repair/mailbox)
* When your character go farm a node, if your character is near ground (and flying) WRobot try to use ground movement (this fix the problem of nobe detected stuck).
+ Pet battle combat support in Quester bot.
* Go To npc/gameobject.
# Problem to detect if party member is attacked.
* Code to avoid UI freeze.
+ You can now launch WRobot with double click on process name (window Login).
+ Statistics "Apexis Crystal".
* Change option "Stop bot if X Blockages/Deaths" by "Stop bot if X Blockages/Deaths latest 10 minutes".
* Pathfinder (Drarnor > Waning Crescent, Drarnor > Gloomshade Grove, Drarnor > Gul'var, TanaanJungleIntro).
# Api GetEquipedItemBySlot(InventorySlot slot).
Equip weapon when stopbot.
+ Fightclass editor > Add AOE support for lua code.
Auction: + option "Max stacks put up for sale".
+ option "Bid Auction Time Left".
+ option appraise price.

Version 1.5.1
Since 1.5.0: it does not contains all changes, but the more significant

+ = Add, - = Remove, # = Fix, * = Improve/Edit/Update

* Update to Wow 6.2.0 20173.
# Fix error message when create OffMeshConnections.xml for first time.
+ A few options in tab "Settings" to quick access (to avoid to go to advanced general settings).
* Flightmaster usage (taxi blacklist system, check if bot can make path from target taxi node to destination before take it, add debug log, ...).
# probleme to get taxi position (when defaut numeric separator is "," on your computer).
* Training dummy id list.
+ Auto select in default settings "Travel Form" if you are druid.
+ API SpellListManager.SpellIdByNameInGame(string spellNameInGame).
+ API SpellListManager.SpellNameByNameInGame(string spellNameInGame).
* Now option "Ignore fight during farm if druid form" is disabled by default.
* Sell > Now skip not salable items.
* Now movement manager is less accurate for Z position (top / bottom) (this avoid problems like when you are dead and walk on water).
* Path finding: Recreate all meshes file whit a better configuration.
* Path finding: Add try/catch to avoid crash.
* Path finding: Add mine in garrison meshes.
* Auction: Now sell all items in one step (when option "sell stack not complet" activated).
* The choice of vendor / repairer to go see if flying ability.
* Improve movement manager precision.
* Improve AvoidWallRay.
* Petbattle: fix problem of skip some wild pets.
# GoToTack: fix problem when return false because it believes it is not arrived to destination (if param "precision" is small).
+ Battlegrounder: Add Auction bot support.
- AutoMakeElementalMacro option (replaced by this plugin: http://mmorobot.com/files/file/481-combine/).
# problem to start fight with npc under water.
# Dev tools > improve speed to dump objects/memory info.
# GetSpellCooldownTimeLeft(...).
* the conversion of numbers with decimal separator.
* now load the around images when you are in garrison.
* dismount during combat (now don't stop move).
* detection of new wow game objects.
* ground farm.
# flymount support of Deephome.
+ default settings "OffMeshConnections" and "Dange zone" (wManager.Wow.Enums.DefaultConstSettings).
- "ignore nodes indoors/outdoors" option when you farm in ground mode.
+ in profile position the field "Action", more info here: http://mmorobot.com/topic/2202-profile-positions-and-action-column/.
# problems in MoveLoop to return to last profile position.
+ option (in grinder and gatherer bot) "Back to last profile position" (after farm or kill).

Version 1.5.0
Since 1.4.1: it does not contains all changes, but the more significant

+ = Add, - = Remove, # = Fix, * = Improve/Edit/Update

* Update to Wow 6.1.2 19865.
+ Auction bot.
+ Flight Master (taxi) support (option "Use taxi." and "Use taxi only if flight master near character.").
+ Flight Master discover (option "Flight master discover range").
+ NPC scanner (add automatically in the "NPC database" the near npc vendors, repairs, mailboxes and auctioneers) (you can disable it in general settings).
* Now WRobot use conditions (check if attacked, check if in game, ...) of wManager.Wow.Helpers.Conditions in all the code to avoid incorrect reaction.
# Error message when Wow process no found.
+ Calculate interact range (WoWUnit.InteractDistance and WoWUnit.IsGoodInteractDistance).
+ Support interact range during fight (for range classes, calculate spell range with interact range).
+ Support PTR if same build.
* Create new wow object type "WowLocalPlayer", ObjectManager.Me return now WowLocalPlayer class.
+ Functions to get runes info in WowLocalPlayer.
+ Functions to get totems info in WowLocalPlayer.
+ WRobot detect if you are underwater and go tu surface.
+ Functions at class Spell.
+ Go to vendor to sell when all normal bags are full (not when all bag is full (it caused problems with mining/herb bags)).
+ Aura class (to replace old get buff system), now you can dump all buff, get buff time left, stack, name, .... look wManager.Wow.Helpers.BuffManager
+ Support "Telaari Talbuk" and "Frostwolf War Wolf".
* Usage of Profiles and fightclasses editors (now check if any change when closing, keep name of current edited profile when you want save, show current profile name in the window title).
+ Functions in class Bag (like GetContainerNumFreeSlotsHerbBags, PutSelectedItemInBag, PickupContainerItem...).
+ BagType enum.
+ GameObjectFlags enum.
+ GossipOptionsType enum.
+ NpcMarker enum.
+ RuneTypes enum.
+ SurveyTool enum.
+ TotemType enum.
+ UnitDynamicFlags enum.
+ WowSpecializations enum.
+ CVar class.
- InventoryType enum.
- WoWItemClass enum.
- WoWItemTradeGoodsClass enum.
* Logs.
* HostileUnitNearTarget.
* Farming task.
* Archaeology task.
* Looting task.
* NPC database.
* GoTo task.
* Fight task.
* Pet battle fight task.
* Mount/Dismount usage (now you can farm mines/herbs without dismount).
* Detection of hostile units and units attack character.
* Reorganize some option in General Settings window.
* WRobot CPU usage.
# Problem to read wow chat.
* Memory injections security and speed (add function Memory.WowMemory.LockFrame() and Memory.WowMemory.UnlockFrame()) (this improve fightclass reaction).
+ UnitNPCFlags enum.
+ UnitFlags enum.
+ Lua return support (use like: bool result = Lua.LuaDoString("return MailFrame:IsShown();");).
+ WowUnit.IsTargetingMeOrMyPet.
# Target evasion during combat.
# Quest.IsObjectiveComplete(int objectiveIndex, int questID).
* Blacklist (now, when you change continent in game, profile blacklist is not cleaned, only user blacklist is cleaned and updated for new continent).
+ More informations in dump.
* Rename "Skin Mobs" to "Skin/Gather/Mine Mobs".
* Path finding in draneor.
+ Now you can edit spell name (same if already added).
+ Fightclass option "Check if know spell".
+ Fightclass option "Check if spell is usable".
+ Fightclass option "Check if spell is good distance".
+ Fightclass option "Not spell, is item id".
+ Fightclass option "Lock frame when checking the conditions".
+ Fightclass option "Cast spell on" (you can chose player, target, pet, ...).
+ Fightclass option "Wait during casting".
- Fightclass option "Check if know spell, is usable and good distance".
+ "HealthPoints" fightclass condition.
+ "HealthPointsLost" fightclass condition.
+ "TargetHealthPoints" fightclass condition.
+ "TargetHealthPointsLost" fightclass condition.
+ "PetHealthPoints" fightclass condition.
+ "PetHealthPointsLost" fightclass condition.
+ "TotemFireTimeLeftMs" fightclass condition.
+ "TotemEarthTimeLeftMs" fightclass condition.
+ "TotemWaterTimeLeftMs" fightclass condition.
+ "TotemAirTimeLeftMs" fightclass condition.
+ "RunesReadyCount" fightclass condition.
+ "RunesBloodReadyCount" fightclass condition.
+ "RunesUnholyReadyCount" fightclass condition.
+ "RunesFrostReadyCount" fightclass condition.
+ "RunesDeathReadyCount" fightclass condition.
+ "GlobalCooldownTimeLeft" fightclass condition.
+ "CastingTimeLeft" fightclass condition.
+ "TargetCastingTimeLeft" fightclass condition.
+ "PetCastingTimeLeft" fightclass condition.
+ "PartyMemberNearTarget" fightclass condition.
+ "PartyMemberNear" fightclass condition.
+ "CooldownEnabled" fightclass condition.
+ "CastingSpellName" fightclass condition.
+ "TargetCastingSpellName" fightclass condition.
+ "PetCastingSpellName" fightclass condition.
+ "ItemIdCooldownEnabled" fightclass condition.
+ "SpellAffectedByAProc" fightclass condition.
+ "IsSpellOverlayed" fightclass condition.
+ "TotemFireExist" fightclass condition.
+ "TotemEarthExist" fightclass condition.
+ "TotemWaterExist" fightclass condition.
+ "TotemAirExist" fightclass condition.
+ "TargetCanInterruptCasting" fightclass condition.
+ "GlobalCooldownEnabled" fightclass condition.
+ "Possessed" fightclass condition.
+ "Fleeing" fightclass condition.
+ "Influenced" fightclass condition.
+ "TargetPossessed" fightclass condition.
+ "TargetFleeing" fightclass condition.
+ "TargetInfluenced" fightclass condition.
+ "PetPossessed" fightclass condition.
+ "PetFleeing" fightclass condition.
+ "PetInfluenced" fightclass condition.
+ "IsOnTaxi" fightclass condition.
+ "BuffTimeLeft" fightclass condition.
+ "BuffTimeLeftTarget" fightclass condition.
+ "BuffTimeLeftPet" fightclass condition.
+ "CooldownTimeLeft" fightclass condition.
Pet battle:
+ Fightclasses system pet battle, support only c# and vb.net file (sample here: http://mmorobot.com/topic/827-nice-to-have-10-wishes-to-xmasor-faster/#entry10108 , put fightclasses in folder "WRobot\FightClass\Pet Battle\").
+ Record path in helper tools.
+ "FollowPath" quest type in easy quest.
+ "FollowNpc" quest type in easy quest.
+ "IfHasQuest " step type in easy quest.
+ "WhileHasQuest " step type in easy quest.
+ "Imports quests from other profiles" in easy quest editor.
+ Add command "/To Garrison".
* "/To home" and "/To Garrison" usage.
+ Option "Launch rotation when combat started".

Version 1.4.1
Since 1.4.0: it does not contains all changes, but the more significant

- Update to Wow 6.1.2 19802.
- Add option "PathFinderPostionOffset" (xml only).
- Fix CastSpellByNameOnSelf.
- Add API "wManager.Wow.Helpers.SpellManager.CastSpellByNameOn(string spellName, string luaUnitId)".
- Add statistics in log when you stop product.
- Improve "Avoid wall".
- Fix problem to save the path of Wow folder for some users.
- Now in first window (Login window) you can select if you want that WRobot use DirectX or an wow function to inject codes (if you want use wow function WarGuard (Warden protection) is activated).
- Improve condition "Hostile Unit Near".
- Improve "Spell.IsDistanceGood" (now support the combat reach of the target).
- Add timer option at "Temporary bait".
- Add possibility to use a third item/spell with a timer settings (Custom Spell/Item" options).
- Fix step action "LoadProfile".
- Fix "select reward item" param.

Version 1.4.0
Since 1.3.4: it does not contains all changes, but the more significant

- Update to Wow 6.1.0 19678.
- Fix problem to create paths from garrison to outwards (Draenor), now you can start WRobot product on garrison.
- Fix Alliance mammoth usage (sell/repair).
- Fix the freeze that can appear in tab "Chat".
- Add tab "Plugins" in main window (remove tab "Plugins" in advanced general settings).
- Fix CastSpellByNameOnSelf.
- Improve memory usage.
- Add option "Path finder: Wall distance".
- Change default min/max latency (90/400 to 150/500).
- Check if mesh file exist before download (avoid errors log).
- Profile creator > Change distance between two points when recording paths if you fly or not.
- Resurrect > Add Ashran support
- Battlegrounder/Fisher > Force to equip weapon when you enter in battleground.
- Auto activate wow option to show digsites on wow map.
- Fix problem "Digsite not found" or "Idle" on Draenor.
Pet battle:
- Fix problem when the bot load first profile when you have changed profile.
- Now when you look current bot state on mmorobot website you can look your wow window (WRobot make screenshot of your wow window).
Profiles Converters:
- When you convert HB profile, you have choise to convert profile to gatherer or grinder WRobot product.
- Support OffHand (reequip).
- Profile creator > Add feature to add/edit targets by faction (used in HB profiles).
- Easy quest profile > Tools > Improve profiles converter HB to WRobot (easy quest profile).
- Easy quest profile > Add quest option "Not required in quest log".
- Easy quest profile > Converted profile is now in folder "Profiles\Quester\Cache\" (when you launch "easy quest profile" he is converted to c# code, WRobot read c# code).
- Easy quest profile > Show step id in "Quest order editor".
- Easy quest profile > Now user can disable profile some step without edit profile (useful to skip quest and ...) with button "Profile settings (enable/disable quests/steps)" in quester product settings.

Version 1.3.4
Since 1.3.2: it does not contains all changes, but the more significant

- Update to Wow 6.0.3 19243.
- Add option "Harvest Timber".
- Improve the display of the products list when the window is resize.
- Fix aggro distance for WoD (for option "Attack before being attacked ").
- Fix autoattack (for the usage without fightclass).
- Create software WRobot repair tools: http://mmorobot.com/topic/1381-repairinstall-wrobot/
- Improve option "Avoid wall with ray (beta)".
- Add more info in log when you are stuck.
- Fix problem for launch wow (when temporary file haven't removed).
- Add option "Blacklist Npc/Node if cannot make full path to go to".
- Fix problem idle after combat (appeared occasionally).
- Improve/Fix Mammoth and MollE usage.
- Druid: Fix problem with option "Ignore fight during farm" when ground farming.
- Fix problem caused by wow server (player flagged in combat), now WRobot ignore it and continue current task.
- Increment blacklist time after gather (gameobject).
- Attack before being attacked : Now only mobs in facing.
- FightClass > Remove mounts in available spells list.
- Add "Off mesh connections" (more info on google, setting file is "WRobot\DataOffMeshConnections.xml").
- Movement > A lot of fix for ground movement (for full support of all products in Draenor without flying mount), best support to switch fly/swim/ground and improve reactivity.
- Loot > Improve reactivity.
- Milling > Now you can use also item id.
- Radar3D > Fix blacklisted zones in game size.
- NpcDB > (if option add to npc db is deactivated) fix usage problem of npc of loaded profiles.
- Fight > Improve move to target.
- WRotation > Add option "Loot NPC in range".
- Now you can use this product with grounded path (before, you must use the bot grinder, gatherer bot used only flying path).
- Add advanced profile, more info here: http://mmorobot.com/topic/1717-gatherer-advanced-profile-how-to-change-zone-after-leveltime/
- Fix problem when a dig site contain blacklisted zones.
- Fix problem skip last object found.
- Add WoD archaeology find.
- Tools > Improve of zygor to WRobot "easy quest profile" converter, a lot of supported options has added.
- Easy quest profile > Add objective 5 option, custom c# condition for get if quest is complete, OverridePulseCSharpCode quest type, ... (I have posted on the website some quest profiles, I use the new features).
- Easy quest editor > A Lot of add for improve usage.
- Add option "Temporary bait name" (WoD lure).
- Now you can use several lures/baits (separate name by ;), first available lures/baits are used.

Version 1.3.2
- Update to Wow 6.0.3 19102.
Since 1.2.4: Changelog is late, it does not contains all changes, but the more significant
- Big thank at Ohren for the update of fight classes for WoD.
- Update to Wow WoD (6.0), much fixes because a lot of wow code has changed (guid in 128bit, maps, lua codes, assembly codes, the tools for update, ...).
- Complete rewrite of the pathfinder system and updated with the latest recast/detour version. WRobot can now add areas at avoid (what he does when he stuck, the blacklisted zones are also avoided if possible during the generation of path), it can also generate larger and more safe paths (option "Avoid blacklisted zones (pathfinder) (beta)" in general settings). I have also added an version system at the meshes files to manage auto update, and now the meshes files remain compressed on your computer(is gaining space).
- Pathfinder works with more than 95% of wow maps (and works in Dungeon :)).
- Now plugin accept VB and C#.net code file (*.vb and *.cs) (you no longer need to compile your code to dll file).
- Add features at "Dev tools" (time to execute, you can now launch c# code, informations about party, list of lua events, ...).
- Improve movement manager (stuck detection, ...).
- Now if you remove your mounts in your settings, they are no longer added at the next bot launch.
- Add feature to click on the map (tab "Map"), with this feature in WRotation product with option "Go to position when you double click on mini map." WRobot go to clicked location.
- Now WRobot interact with target only when is in view.
- Improve corpse recovery (to try to enter in the instance if dead in it).
- A lot of change in injection system to make more protected and faster system.
- Improve looting (wait time now based on loot window, not on latency).
- Add option "Avoid wall with ray (beta)" (left/right or jump if obstacle near, good way to avoid door or objects added for wow events).
- Add new forums support languages (http://mmorobot.com/forum/21-international/) and add German website (http://mmorobot.de/).
- Change website and forum style.
- Now "Detect nodes stuck" option skip also nodes in water.
- Druid: Support now "Travel Form".
- Druid: Fix option "Ignore fight during farm if druid form".
- Fix sell items (problem appear with WoD).
- Fix Reloger.
- Compress ressources of wManager.dll (for avoid to download big files when WRobot is updated).
- Add command "/Logout".
Fight Classes:
- Now WRobot detect automatically the children spell, you don't need to enter base spell name.
- Add condition "Mana Percent".
- Now you can use Archaeologist product without fly mount.
- Improve reactivity.
- Auto detect precisely if in digsite.
- Add option "Go to position when you double click on mini map." WRobot go to clicked location (tab "Map").
- Add option "Resurrect when dead".
- Add option "Resurrect when dead".
Pet Battle:
- Improve go to the pet (for combat).
- Fix problem with fly mount (go to land).
- Improve reactivity.
- Fix problem to get/switch your weapon.

Version 1.3.1
- Update to Wow 6.0.2 19027 live wow server.

Version 1.3.0
- Update to Wow 6.0.2 for PTR and BETA Wow server.

Version 1.2.4
Since 1.2.3 (if you get problem with version 1.2.4 you can download WRobot 1.2.3 here: http://download.mmorobot.com/wrobot/WRobot_1.2.3.zip )
- Add 3D radar (radar in game), you can activate this option in tab "Map".
- Complete rewritte of memory lib, now is in c++ (improve WRobot reactivity).
- A lot of small part of codes rewritten to improve performance (to use less memory and process).
- Now WRobot interact with target only when is in view.
- Add cache system for wow items (improve WRobot reactivity).
- Fix small problems to farm mines/herbs with druid.
- Fix Traceline (some change in last wow update).
- Improve pet detection.
- Chat > Fix problems to display a special chars.
- Archaeologist > Change default settings of "Solving every 20 min" to 15 min.
- Regen > Add option to support spell.
- Regen > Fix problem for some users, regen stuck WRobot.
- API > Add function "WoWUnit.AvailableRoles(out bool canTank, out bool canHealer, out bool canDps)".
- Fightclass editor > Add spell option "Cast spell on self".
- FightClass editor > Add condition "Target Targeting Party Member".
- Fightclass editor > Add conditions descriptions: More info here: http://mmorobot.com/page/bug_tracker.html/_/description-box-for-conditions-r220
- Security > add option "Shutdown computer also when closes the game".
- WRotation > Remove the startup message box.
- WRotation > Add settings "Attack all selected targets (friend also)".

Version 1.2.3
Since 1.2.2
- Update to support Wow 5.4.8 (18414).
- Add possibility to show information message on select process window (first window).
- Fix pet detection (of pet no controlled).
- Improve mount Sky Golem support.
- Add timer option to go to mailbox/vendor/repair (if not activated, you go to mailbox/vendor/repair when your bags are full).
- Fix problem with druid flying form.
- FightClass > Add condition "Combat Start Since".
- Automaton > add setting "Flying height relative to the ground".
- Archaeologist > Small fix for avoid to go to landscape.
- PetBattle > Improve go to wild pet.
- Schedule > Add commands: "/Wait", "/Close game", "/To home".
- Schedule > Fix small bugs.

Version 1.2.2
Since 1.2.1
- Update to support Wow 5.4.8 (18291).

Version 1.2.1
Since 1.2.0
- Update to support Wow 5.4.8 (18273).
- Improve "Automaton" product.
- Improve performances.
- Add new blacklist type for blacklist mobs by type.
- Add option in general settings "Ignore Training Dummy".
- Now AntiAFK works when your player is dead.
- Battlegrounder > Fix problem with Deserter buff.
- Dev tools > Add pet informations in tool memory information.

Version 1.2.0
Since 1.1.5
- Change interface colors.
- Add option Max latency (for fixing problems for user with high latency ingame).
- Improve option "Pause if nearby player", now you can configure the distance and time near before pause.
- When you start WRobot, in the log is added all spells id/name of your spellbook (help for create fightclass).
- Now images of minimap (tab Map) is automaticly downloaded.
- Add option "Automatically add in database the NPCs of loaded profiles", this option is disabled by default (in old version, WRobot adding automaticly npc in database).
- Improve logging system.
- This product is new. This bot don't use any profile, with it you can grind (kill mobs), gather (mines, herbs, ...), pet battle. if you haven't profile for your current zone, just launch this product.
- This product is new. This bot allows you to schedule the product at uses (for example, using the grinder 35 minutes, then 50 minutes gatherer ...).
- In profile editor, in menu I have add option "Combine With", with this option you can add all zones of an profile in your current profile.
- Add option to pet battles.
Pet Battle:
- In profile editor, in menu I have add option "Combine With", with this option you can add all zones of an profile in your current profile.
- I have added the list of spells of your spellbook, just click on it to add it in your fightclass.
- Add wowhead link to selected spell and link to wow lua API.

Version 1.1.5
Since 1.1.4
- Thanks at Seumas for the updated dig sites list: http://mmorobot.com/files/file/276-seus-journey-to-the-center-of-the-earth-pandaria-archaeology-100-complete/
- Update to support Wow 5.4.7 (18019).
- New plugin "Move during combat": http://mmorobot.com/files/file/303-move-during-combat/
- Add support of item "Moll-E".
- Add tab "Chat" in main WRobot window.
- Fix whisper reader.
- Fix GetReactionTowards error message.
- Fix attack pet if id in grinder profile.
- Improve the calcu of combat range.
- Fix Traveler's Tundra Mammoth usage for horde character.
- Add support of dead npc to pickup/turnin quest.
- Fix condition "Is Facing".
- Add condition "Is Behind".
- Add condition "Target Is Boss".
- Add feature "Additional C# code" (sample here: http://mmorobot.com/topic/1172-bosslist/?p=6420 ).
- Add feature "Spells Database" (you can add quickly spells of others fightclass in your fightclass).
- Add in spell debug execution time.
- Add in spell debug more detail.
- Improve the spell launch time.

Version 1.1.4
Since 1.1.3
- Update to support Wow 5.4.7 (17898).
- Removing of window title "WRobot".
- Improve attack before attacked, and attackable NPC detection.
- Fix problem caused with NPC with big health.
- Fix small display issues.
- Fix problem in UI to saving float "number" (decimal number) (problem caused by "," or ".", different by language).
- Fix WoW Gender detection.
- Fix Speed Moving reader.
- Dev tools > Add support of commant one-line lua (--) for lua code (dev tools only, no in fightclass).
- Party > Fix the problem to dismount flying mount.
- Fix condition "Is Spell Usable".
- Add spell description in log if you use debug spell mode.
- Add an option to activate by default spell (if the spell is added to settings).
- Now when WRobot is in pause your fightclass is also in pause.
- For "number" conditions, I have added "BiggerOrEqual", "SmallerOrEqual".

Version 1.1.3
Since 1.1.2
- Update to support Wow 5.4.2 (17688).
- Add support of "Traveler's Tundra Mammoth" (to repair/buy or sell).
- Archaeologist > Fix the problem to saving of dig sites list.
- Fix problems of profiles creators to save correctly continent ID of NPC.
- General Settings > My Macro tab > fix display.
- Flying mount > Fixing problems to land before dismount.
- Improve detection to nodes underground or in cave.
- Add detection auto of keyboard access problem (to activate "Use Lua to Move" automaticly and detect if teamviewer is open (this software can cause problems for keyboard access)).
- Pet Battle > Fixing the AFK problem if all pets deads.
- Now you can add more than one spell with same name in the settings > http://mmorobot.com/page/bug_tracker.html/_/fight-class-profile-r146 .
- Add condition: Me In Group.
- Add condition: Is Facing.
- Add spell option: Once per Target.
- Add spell option: Can move during cast.
- Add spell option: Description.

Version 1.1.2
Since 1.1.1
- Update to support Wow 5.4.1 and 5.4.2 (17658).
- Fixing bot don't down to node (you need to activate option "Use lua to move" in general settings).
- Add possibility to don't use Slimdx to search directx address (some people have problems with Slimdx).
- Skinning > Fix dismount problem.
- Combat > Improve dismount range.
- Relogger > Try to fix bugs (a few people have problems).
- Lua event > Now disabled when you are not in game.
- Latency > Now wrobot ignore Wow latency if bigger than 400 ms (if your wow latency is 50 ms, wrobot wait 50 ms after action, but if your latency is 600 ms wrobot wait only 400 ms)..
- Smelting > Fix.
- Propection > Fix of duplicate in general settings (this caused crash or bug).
- Pet Battle > Disable fightclass during combat of pet.
- Now WRobot is 100% compatible with Windows XP (fixing crash).
- Battlegrounder > Add Quester product option during queue.
- Easy quest > Add option to deactivate TopMost.
- Easy quest > Add options: Required Quest id, WoW Class, Min Level, Max Level.
- Fix TargetTargetingMeOrMyPet condition.
- Remove pet count in condition MaxUnitNearest.
- A few others small fixes.

Version 1.1.1
Since 1.1.0
- Improve reactivity to when wrobot changing path (during fight, ...).
- Add option "Use Flying mount" in general settings.
- Fix the problem with skinning and flying mount (now dismount).
- Fix the problem caused by new interface (Profiles converter, tracker product, font, ...).
- Fix the problem of character detected teleported after relogin.
- Fix the problem during looting when you are attacked and on a mount.
- Attack Before Being Attacked > Add max Z distance condition.
- Attack Before Being Attacked > Fix bot attack pet.
- Add Sky Golem support.
- Improve speed of Quester.
- Fix the problem of talents window.
- Dev tools > Fix button position when window resized.
- ToTown and Trainers > Add gossip option ( http://mmorobot.com/topic/790-the-new-mailbox-in-timeless-isle/?p=4442 ).
- ToTown and Trainers > Intelligently selects the flying or ground mount.
- Add Money, Conquest by hour, and total earned Money, Conquest, Honor in interface and remote.
- Added possibility to don't move when you interact with targe (good for fight).
- Grinder and Quester > Add option Blacklist zone of dead (to disable option of general settings).
Pet Battle:
- Add abilities blacklist option.
- Fix the problem for some user, of when the character is over the mine without moving.

Version 1.1.0
Since 1.0.12
- WRobot interface fully change.
- Add mini map in WRobot interface (you can show Npc, objects, blacklisted zones, path ...).
- To Wow hotfix 5.4 17399.
- Now WRobot use all time if can flying mount (to go to town ...).
- Try to fix all problem due for some users at the server connection (for download update, for login to WRobot).
- Improve stuck detection.
- Fix when WRobot attack pet of others players (and add option "Ignore combat with all pet").
- Add "Bot state" in remote.
- Fix problem of empty whisper in WRobot log.
- A lot of code changed to improve WRobot core performance.
- Now blacklist zones is by wow continent (for avoid problems).
- Add hotkey to start/stop (Alt-C) and to pause bot (Alt-X) (add hotkey also in profile maker (Alt-V to record path, Alt-B to add target).
- Remove files archaeologyFind.txt, fishingPoles.txt, lures.txt and NewWhisper.wav (files is now in dll).
Development tools:
- Add tool to dump all memory information’s (this is very usefuls for make fight classes or quest profiles).
Fight Classes:
- Add spell option "AOE Spell (Character position)".
- Fix Runes condition.
- Add condition RuneReadySlot1(to 6).
- Many improvements in battlegrounder bot, I recommend to use free mode for all BG (and I recommend to exclude of random BG "Strand of the Ancients" and "Isle of Conquest").
- Fix queue problem (if you are already in queue for one BG before launch bot, WRobot join queue for the second BG).
- Add option "Move during combat" (more human).
- Add many small fix/improvements.
- Easy quest: Possibility to launch lua code in Quest Order.
Pet Battle:
- Add possibility to launch lua code before combat (sample codes http://mmorobot.com/topic/734-request-power-leveling-battle-pets-bug-found/?p=4173 and http://mmorobot.com/topic/445-swapping-pets/?p=4174 ).
- Fix small bug to accept Pvp combat.
- Add option "Automatically choose the best pet".
- Try to fix problem for some user, of when the character is over the mine without moving.
- Add option to randomize path (to not use exactly same way every time).
- Now by default max mobs level is at 95.

Version 1.0.12
Since 1.0.11
- Wow 5.4.0 17359 support.
- Change system to detect your mount.
- Improve lua speed.
- Add option to unlock wow fps (this improve wrobot reactivity and fightclass).
- Spellbook: Fix spellbook reading (now read only your spe).
- Gatherer: Fix small problem.
- Fightclass: Fix Chi power problem.
- Archarology: Improve reactivity of wrobot, wait survey spell is ready before launch it.

Version 1.0.11
Since 1.0.10
- Adding button to copy log to your desktop.
- Adding missing lines for translate WRobot.
- Fix the problem of crash bot if mmorobot server offline.
- Activate anti afk when bot in pause.
- Adding option to disable option "Pause bot if Nearby Player" if character go to town.
- Fixing problem when bot attack its pet (if you have on your profile same targets id of your pet).
- Adding option (in General settings) "Go to town when mining bags full" and "Go to town when herb bags full".
- Fixing crash in dev tool when you tried to get object information by name.
- Increase width of loading profile window (to read complete name of profiles).
- Now wrobot don't loot mobs if zone is blacklisted.
- Adding option "Calculation combat range by target size".
- Improve unstuck (fly mode).
Pet Battle:
- Adding option "Starting pet battles but not fighting(if you use addon for rotation)".
- Adding new system for create quest profile "Easy quest profile" (no programming needed) (http://mmorobot.com/topic/620-how-to-easy-quests-editor-base/ ) (and a lot of fix/add since 1.0.10 for easy quest profile).
- Fixing acrobatics when moving vertically.
- Improve "Node outside view" for avoid false detection.
- Improve performances of gatherer.
- Adding option "Using fly mount all time" (you can disable it if you want using ground mount if node near).
- Adding option (in General settings) "Go to town when mining bags full" and "Go to town when herb bags full".
- Adding option to auto disable option "Attack before being attacked" when you use gatherer.
- Resolving problem when wrobot using flymount after combat also if mine/herb in range.
- (Only if "Using fly mount all time" is disabled) Force wrobot to use flymount when mine/herb near if path to mine/herb is not complet.
- Try to resolve problem that appears from time to time (character still moving when he tries to farm the node).

Version 1.0.10
Since 1.0.9
- Add more than 50 continents support (for path generator).
- Improve path generator ( keep away from the wall).
- Add option "Wait if resurrection sickness".
- Add option "BlackList zone where I am dead".
- Gatherer/Grinder: Add option "Not loop (Reverse paths when finished)".
Prospecting: Increases to 60 minutes maximum time.
Quester: Add new system for create profiles (no code needed, all by interface).
- Request save when you close editor only if fightclass edited.
- Fix problem with condition "...BuffCastedByMe".
Pet Battle:
- Add Pvp support.
- Add option for automatically order pet by level during leveling.

Version 1.0.9
Since 1.0.8
- To last wow version (17128)
- Fixing path generator for 5.3.0 (update MoP continent and adding new bg, donjons mesh in progress).
- Fixed problem reading the list of spells (some computers have this problem).
- Adding debug informations.
- Improve window of General Settings.
- Improve unstuck.
- Attack before attacked > fix problem attack enemy faction.
- Fixing problem sending mail with a lot of stacks.
- Adding possibility to blacklist zone and objects/mobs by Guid (this works on all product/bot, you can found it in general settings tab others).
- Automatically activate wow option "Auto Dismount" (for avoid problem with flymount).
- Adding api to get owner of aura.
- Fixing problem to read equipped items.
Fight Class:
- Adding conditions: BuffCastedByMe,TargetBuffCastedByMe and PetBuffCastedByMe.
- Fixing window of settings.
- Fixing problem to equip weapon after fishing if combined with battleground bot.
- Added possibility to queue battleground with your group.
- Is now possible to combine Battlegrounder with custom profile (sample of compatible profile: http://mmorobot.com/files/file/163-pickpocketing/ ).
- Fixing problem to equip weapon if combined with battleground bot.
- Fixing problem of wait if bobber is not near of fish school.
- Fixed problem for some users who the message "Still moving! ...".
- Adding option for druid: "Ignore fight during farm if druid form".
- Fixing problem for change target.
- Increment radius search to get if an member of your group is in combat.
- Fixing problem when wrobot resolve fragments and combat started.
- Adding option to complete fragments with bag items.
- Adding whitelist at option "Pause if player nearby".

Version 1.0.8
Since 1.0.7
- Fixing problems appear after wow 5.3.0 (a lot of corrections, add new bg).
- Improve player rotation during combat.
- Wait end of falling to retrieve corpse.
- Improve reactivity, memory and uc usage.
- Show next level in X min in main window.
- Adding option "Improve combat rotation speed (this option can skip spells)" (active by default before this update).
- Moving all dll file in folder \Bin (for clean wrobot folder).

Version 1.0.7
- Wow 5.3.0 support

Version 1.0.6
Since 1.0.5
- Possibility to setup 0 at Max Unit near option.
- Add WoWGender API.
- Fix WoWRace.
- Fix attack before being attacked (loot and player attack pet).
- Party > Add option to follow player by name in party product.
- Prospecting > Fix accent problem.
- Archaeology > Add possibility to use trainer. FightClass:
- Fix problem Fight class already loaded after settings.
- Add possibility to sort by name conditions in fight class creator.
- Add Night Elf (1 to 16) and Human (1 to 16) profiles.
- Add While and RunCode action in xml profile.
- Add API HasQuest(int questId), IsAchievementCompleted(int achievementID, int index = -1) and IsObjectiveComplete(int objectiveIndex, int questID).
- Add possibility to use in QuestUseItemOnClass and QuestUseSpellOnClass by position.
- Add GossipOptions param at ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc and ToPositionAndIntecractWithGameObject.
- Add possibility to interact with dead in QuestInteractWithClass.

Version 1.0.5
Since 1.0.4
- Adding Quest Bot (Quester).
- Add "Stop bot after X Deaths".
- Add possibility to turn off option Stop bot after X blockages and after X minutes.
- Improve unstuck in ground movement.
- Add option: Attack Before Being Attacked.
- Add option for disable automatic detection of node stuck.
- Increase the speed of rotation.
- FightClass: Fixing error multiline lua or c# script.
Fisher bot:
- Fixing fish school problem.
Pet Battle:
- Fixing bot idle if pet stunned.

Version 1.0.4
- Adding in "general settings" possibility to add or blacklist objects at gather by id (you can found id on wowhead object url).
- Gatherer: Adding in gatherer profile possibility to add objects at gather by id (you can found id on wowhead object url).
- FightClass: Fixing error multiline lua or c# script.
- Fixing Eye of the storm problem (sucide).
- Adding product setting "Distance Search "Target"
- Fixing loot when you use Battlegrounder/Grinder

Version 1.0.3
- Fix problem when druid attacked during farming.
- Shortcut added for launch "fight class editor" (without launching wrobot or attach wow process).
- Improve "fight" (moving to target).
Fight Class:
- Add option for use AEO spell.
- Now missing zone are added automatically (found position also) (restore default Digsites.xml for avoid problem).
Added 03/26/2013:
- Fix problem go under water.
- Improve "fight" (moving to target).
- Fix stop bot if (player teleported problem).
- Improve unstuck.
Added 03/28/2013:
- Quick fix character teleposted detection.
- When you close wrobot your wow settings is restored.
- Change get move detection, add is stunned.
- Now support Fly mount usage for follow group leader.
- Add conditions:
> Me Is Stunned
> Target Is Stunned
> Pet Is Stunned
> Me Is Swimming
> Target Is Swimming
> Pet Is Swimming
> Me Is Flying
> Target Is Flying
> Pet Is Flying

Version 1.0.2
- "Party" and "WRotation" product is now free (you can use trial key, no time limit for this products).
Fight Class:
- Add condition Pet Buff.
- Add spell setting "For friends (party)" (for healing, protecting or buff spells)

Version 1.0.1
Since first 1.0.0 release
General :
- Improving unstuck system.
- Adding plugin system.
- Adding management wow lua events.
- Updating to Wow 16669 > 16683 > 1685 > 16701.
- Now can read unit location if unit is in vehicle.
- Adding button for copy current log session to the desktop.
- Adding mounts in spells list id.
- Change dead detection system.
- Correcting Go To town (for repair and sell).
- Correcting movement loop error.
- Changing anti afk system.
Fight Class
- Correcting error when you use char " in spell name.
Battle grounder
- Changing queue system.
- Adding Deserter detection.
Added 03/17/2013:
- Fix spell range.
- Renaming product "Damage Dealer" to "WRotation".
- Remove IsAttacked detection in WRotation.
- Adding option for active or inactive manage movement (rotation, range and target).
Fight Class:
- Adding debug mode (option by spell).
- Adding Textbox multiline for spell name, lua and c# conditions.
- Changing conditions order.
- Order spells by priority.
Added 03/18/2013:
- Fix AOE loot problem.

Version 1.0.0
Update for compatibility with Wow
End of beta version!
- Try to fix "still move" in gatherer product.

Version 1.00.Beta10
-Fix problem for using bg profiles.
-Improve logic in Stand of the Ancient.
-Improve logic in Isle of Conquest.
Pet Battle:
-Try to fix idle problem if pet stunned.
Domage dealer:
-Add shortcut to pause product (ALT-X).
-Improve reactivity
Added 02/14/2013:
- Fix problem when you use battlegrounder product with another product.
- Fix problem that sometimes move in walls before bg started.
- Fix log error Latency and ItemCount.
- Improve unstuck if mounted.
- Resolve antivirus false detection.
Added 02/18/2013:
- Fix usage ground mount if two nodes near in gatherer product.
- Increment farming speed in gatherer product.
Added 02/20/2013:
- Fix translate tool and add french langage.
- Remove closing forced program if bot not updated.
- Fix remote (log error).
- Improving UC usage.
Added 02/21/2013:
- Fix Aura Stack.
- Fix get Rage and Runic Power problem (multiplied by 10).
- Add Fight Class Conditions: TargetIsElite, Target Is World Boss, Buff Stack, Buff Stack Target, Buff Stack Pet.
Added 03/02/2013:
- Add last usage of license key.
- Fix profile converter.
- This version is probably the last beta version, The next update will be for Wow 5.2.

Version 1.00.Beta9
-Change Visual C++ version (2012 to 2010) (dll required in wrobot folder, normally you don't need install visual c++ 2010).
-Now you can save several license keys.
-'TRIAL' key saved by default.
-If fishing trainer in NpcDB.xml, wrobot learn automatically new fishing skill.
-Fix spam error: PetJournalGetHealth(int petActiveId).
-Fix spam error: GetContainerNumFreeSlots.
-Improve Unstuck.
-Fix error: Fishing failed - No found nearby point Error.
-Add option for press one key by time (for ingame macro) (tab My Macros in General Settings).
-Fix return to last position problem in archeology bot.
-Improve archeology bot.
-Add product "Custom Profile", with it you can run profile written in C# (this profile have full access at wrobot API).

Version 1.00.Beta8
-Change Framework.net version (4.5 to 4.0).
-Added trial version (use license key "trial", this trial version is limited at 30 min by session).

Version 1.00.Beta7
-Converted Spell.bin and Digsites.bin to xml files (to avoid compatibility problems)
-Party Bot now dismounts your party member if the group leader is not mounted.
-Battlegrounder - Added the possibility to use profiles. (loop way, this uses the same system that grinder bot uses)
-Added profile creator on product settings page. If wrobot does not find a profile the old move system is used.
-Translated by twizt3dkitty
Added 01/20/2013:
-Try to fix spell error
Added 01/22/2013:
-Option for don't start combat with elite.
-Fight Class > Add ComboPoint condition.
-Pet Battle > Now manage NPC for revive pets.

Version 1.00.Beta6
-Added product "Party": This product will follow the player's group leader and attack if a member of the group is attacked. You can use this product as a healer also. NOTE: this product is designed for multiboxing and multibotting, you will need two wow processes running simultaneously as well as two WRobot sessions/subscriptions. (Example: Use the Grinder product on your group leader running on wow account 1, and for all others group members the product "Party").
-Tried to fix DirectX 9 bug if it is not installed on the computer.
Added 01/09/2013:
-Fixed dig site editor error and added options to making adding additional dig sites easier.
-Translated by Twizt3dkitty

Version 1.0.0.BETA5
- Archaeologist > Fixed character running in incorrect directions between surveying.
- Added product Profiles Converters: Pirox Fly gatherer
MMoLazy Erus (Ground/Gather)
HonorBuddy (gathering)
Origional WowRobot (Gather/Fly)
The Noob Bot (gatherer/grinder)
- Battlegrounder > Added the ability to use Archaeologist, Fisherbot, Gatherer, Grinder and Pet Battles during bg queue.
- Battlegrounder > Fixed Player not found bug after bg.
- Added product Pet Battles (seperate from grinder product now).
- Pet Battle > Changes zones when your 3 pets have on average of the required level for the next area (zone is on profile) (in the next updates I'll add favorite pet's manager to level up more pets).
- Pet Battle > Added an option to revive even if only one pet is dead.
- FightClass creator > Add Hostile Unit Near Target and Unit Attack Player Near Target conditions.
- FightClass creator > Fixed "Target Is Player" condition error.
- New login system (now works with the new website). Enter your license key from 'My Purchases'
- Remote is now available with the new login system.
- Changelog translated by twizt3dkitty.
Adding 01/04/2013:
- Add login error information.

Version 1.0.0.BETA4
- Attempted to fix directx9 compatibility issue some users experienced.
- FightClass UI > Fixed lua condition error.
- FightClass UI > Added condition "target targeting" (for aggro).
- Logs > Add a few debug logs to help me fix further bugs
- Fixed issue involving saving of passwords
- Added new categorys on the forum
- Added capture possibility on pet battles
- Updated Updater.exe (you can download updater here: http://wrobot.mmorobot.com/download/)
- Fixed profile of pandaria
Adding 12/07/2012:
- Add option for changing the main window name (in general settings)
- Use of tab system in general settings
- Add quick launch (if you save your password, a shortcut is created on the bot folder named "WRobot Quick Launch", if you open WRobot with this shortcut, you skip the login window (if only one wow.exe process is running)
Adding 12/10/2012:
- Try to fix bot stop after one or more battleground
- Try to fix ability usage of pet battles (for avoid ability spam)
- Thanks at twizt3dkitty for helping me to correct my spelling English of the update program.
- Fix tracker.

Version 1.0.0.BETA3
- Show health in numerals (main window)
- Logs > Don't show full name of character
- Fixed file Paladin-Retribution.cs
- Trying to fix return to last position problem in archeology bot
- Added "choose style" (button added to the top of the login window)
- Added battlegrounder options to allow or disallow node harvesting
- Added Archeology bot

Version 1.0.0
- First release